The change to clean energy and transport is unstoppable. Together we will accelerate this change. It's happening, and it´s happening now.

That´s why Electric Production Car Series is working to change motorsport forever and to kick that off we presented our first Electric GT Day of Light at our Pau HQ in France on the 17th and 18th of November 2017.

Entry was open to everyone, but you could choose more advanced levels: Pioneer, Founder or VIP

Friday the 17th November was for Founders, VIPs and Media.

Saturday the 18th November was special for Pioneers and was open to everyone.

Pioneers registered to race on the circuit at our first EV track-day, and everyone was able to check out the eKarting exhibitions, meet the Electric Production Car Series crew, hear our championship presentation, and drive the EPCS race car in our amazing full VR g-force race simulator.