Ellis Spiezia

Name: Ellis Spiezia
Nationality: American (Italian American)
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Jupiter, Florida, USA
Lives: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
Interests: karting, sim/VR racing, bmx, one wheel/skateboarding, surfing, creating & building tracks and cars
Instagram: @ellis_supreme


Biography: I’ve been in love with racing for as long as I can remember. From naming the make and model of every car on the road when I was two to hopping on anything with wheels, I have always felt that when I’m racing, everything feels right. Racing touches every part of my life— school, fitness, travel and hobbies.

I am currently a 7th grade student at Hamilton Park Montessori where we have an amazing Project Based Learning program that allows me to learn through race related topics like creating bio-diesel and practicing fractions through racing lines.

Every week I race at an indoor electric track called RPM Raceway, and also practice in their F1 simulators. At home I drive every day in Assetto Corsa, Cars 2 and iRacing, both sim and VR. I do Crossfit weekly, tae kwon do and basketball to stay fit, and my mom is the best cook so I am sure to eat healthy every day (with some treats now and then!).

My family loves to travel so we get out to as many races as we can, and have karted on tracks in Finland and Italy!

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Career highlights: To be honest, while I started karting at age 4, I have not karted competitively along a traditional path. My family moved to Hoboken, NJ (just outside NYC) when I was 5, and while I always karted for fun, I didn’t make a career of it. I was always more interested in the gaming/sim/VR platforms, and focused my energy there. Seeing the future of racing evolve through Formula E, eSports and VR/Sim, I’m excited to focus on energy on entering that environment, and I know my skills are on a competitive level. I will compete at Oakland Valley Race Park this season so that I can start to create a track record for myself competitively.

Early career:  I first got in a kart when I was four years old at the old Moroso Motorsports Park in Palm Beach, Florida. The trainer there, Tim Hannen, just happens to also own OVRP where I will race this season. I got in a kart wherever I could, and started gaming when I was 7. As things like sim/VR became more available, I got a Thrustmaster setup in my room and started racing every day. In Italy in 2016 I got my first opportunity to drive an F1 simulator, and now I get to drive them all the time at RPM. I know that my combined skills in the virtual and physical world will give me an advantage as a future racer in Formula, GT and eKarting.