Michael Anthony Eastwell

Name: Michael Antohy Eastwell
Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 12/01/1996
Place of Birth:
Southampton, UK
Lives: Romsey, Hampshire, UK
Interests: Motorsport, Fitness & training, Fundrasing for cancer Research UK, Travelling, Photography, Music, Art, Antiques & collectable

Facebook: facebook.com/michaeleastwellracing
Twitter: @michaeleastwell

Web site: www.michaeleastwell.com

DI spent my early years growing up between my home town and also travelling Australia. Eventually I settled down back home during my schooling and college years. 

As a kid, I had always been interested in cars and racing, but it wasn't till later on at the age of twelve that I became truly immersed in Motorsport. 

From racing at club level, to National level, to having raced in America in 2016 is dream come true for me. I take my racing very seriously, I'm out on track as often as possible, as well as keeping fit and training throughout the week to stay at the top of my game. 

Career highlights:

•       2009 - Starting racing karts

•       2013-2014 - Super One British National Karting

•       2015-2016 – Test & Development driver for the One Kart Chassis

•       2016 - F-Series Karting Champion (USA)

•       2017 - FF1600 British National Championships, 9th in the debut season in cars with a 2nd at Silverstone

Early career

I'd always had an interest in cars from an early age. However it wasn't till I'd turned twelve that I really started to take an interest in the sport, watching Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button winning back to back world titles in 2008 & 2009.

This inspired me to embark on my own journey into motor racing. Halfway through the middle of 2009 my parents bought me my first kart on the basis that I race just once a month at the local circuit. This didn't last long, within 5 years I progressed from club level to the British National Championships (Super One) of which I had only ever dreamed of competing in.

I spent my first five years racing as a privateer with my Dad, neither of us had any prior experience, everything we learnt during this period was self taught, both driving and kart set up. These were extremely fun years, but tough, we raced as frequently as possible between schooling, exams and family ill health.