Compose the Future

Electric Production Car Series is a world-changing championship. Spectacular electric racing with the best production electric cars on the planet. Today from Tesla, tomorrow from...?

Racing takes place both in daylight and at dusk, and involves both light and sound spectacles that will match these incredible race cars performing on the world's best circuits.

We invite innovative and creatively talented individuals to join us on our quest to awaken the World to the wonder and spectacle of a modern sustainable energy society. By creating events that excite and inspire all ages, you will help to make a real difference to humanity's chances of having a future worth living for.

We are entering the Age of Light and if you are a creative musical artist who wants to write the soundtrack for this great new age, join us now.

Send us your CV and portfolio, plus a sensation of the musical experience you envision.

Feel free to share your music and videos with us through YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, or any other platform you prefer.

We are looking for the following musical compositions:
    • Championship themes that reflect our values of fun, excitement, action, competition and our shared sustainable future: the Age of Light
    •  Up to 30 Complementary tracks for each of the race cars that can be mixed together freely: each tune identifiable with the main theme, but distinct so that each car may be recognized easily. Styles of music ranging from Drum & Bass to Chillhouse, jazz, soul and rock are all welcome.
    • Other musical proposals related to Electric Production Car Series values to serve for different occasions, nationalities, press events,  award ceremonies, circuit parties, etc


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