Overview "age of light"

Electric GT Holdings Inc. is a global sports organizer focused on our electric transport and clean energy future.

Our FIA approved Electric Production Car Series is motorsport for the 21st century. The first Electric circuit race series ever, it presents our fantastic clean energy and clean transport future to the World, and excites and inspires us all as society enters into a new age of abundance; The Age of Light.

We all want to have fun, to enjoy exciting sports, and to understand what future technology brings us. Great sporting events inspire us as to what we are capable of as a species, and they serve to entertain us as individuals or with friends, at home or in the stadium.

Our Electric GT events are festivals for our electric future, celebrations of our entry into The Age of Light, when all our energy needs will come directly from the sun, and will be stored for us to use freely day and night. 

Abundant energy that will allow us to improve life not just for those of us fortunate enough to live in the developed World, but especially for those in the developing World where energy today is in short supply and expensive.

In creating exciting sports events, racing the fastest accelerating production cars in the World on the best permanent race circuits with top professional drivers, we are already invigorating motorsport, but by combining this with open worldwide audio and video streaming from all cars and drivers to any smartphone, and by enabling parallel gameplay and virtual races, and by facilitating direct live global audience applause direct to their favourite drivers, we are creating a unique 21st century event that will excite and inspire young and old.

Bringing top global artistic creativity to the circuit along with the Mediterranean party atmosphere and lifestyle will shake up the motorsport experience and give it new life.

In these electric festivals a wealth of electric racing technologies will be on the track and in the paddock for all to try, experience and witness, ranging from school electric kart projects, through to ekarting, electric bikes of all kinds, electric drift cars and rally cars.

The Electric GT technology showcase and energy forum will let sponsors and partners show their products and services in renewable energy generation, storage and delivery, as well as providing a conference arena for deeper discussions and analysis as to our new energy future.

We are looking for everyone to join us on this journey towards the Age of Light. If you are an inspired individual, a professional sports person, a tech engineer, creative entertainer, or motivated investor, or if you just want to cheer us along, then please get in touch.

The Age of Light is a bright future for everyone, and is genuinely worth the World to us all.