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Robin More-Gaspar

Name: Robin More-Gaspar
Nationality: French
Date of Birth: 09/10/1994
Place of Birth:
Paris, France
Lives: Sydney, Australia
Interests: Motorsport, parkour, nutrition, travelling

Instagram: @robmoregas

Biography: As far as I can remember I always had an interest in cars, but when I first got into a Go Kart thanks to my mother for my 13th birthday, I knew that this was something special and I would quickly realise that it would be much more than just a hobby. I have been living overseas most of my childhood and it’s only when I came back to France that I really got into racing, by joining the FFSA Academy in 2008 as the youngest driver of the championship and having Julien Poncelet as a mentor.

When I completed my first season at the Auto Sport Academy I couldn't pursue my passion mainly for family reasons and then for financial reasons. It has been a long journey since and I’m now ready to get back in the game!

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 Career highlights:

•       2008-2009 - French Championship of Formula Kart at the Auto Sport Academy (5th at the opening round and five Top 10 overall).