Emma Kimiläinen

Name: Emma Kimiläinen
Nationality: Finnish
Date of Birth: 08/07/1989
Place of Birth: Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Sports: (martial arts, gym, ice hockey), marketing, politics and cooking/bakings

Facebook: facebook.com/EmmaKimilainenOfficial
Twitter: @EmmaKimilainen
Instagram: @

Web site: www.emmakimilainen.com

Emma Kimilainen is a professional racing car driver from Finland. Emma started racing at the age of 3 and drove her first race at the age of 5. She has competed the last 3 seasons in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championships (STCC). Before that Emma has competed only in single seaters but driven a very successful DTM test for Audi in 2007 as the first touring car experience. Emma’s goal is to remain as a professional racing driver as long as possible and move up to bigger racing tracks and events. The thought of combining racing, technology and innovation for sustainability is really making the business and marketing-minded woman exited. 

In addition to being an athlete, Emma is also an independent media personality in Finland; hosting TV and radio shows, being a part of podcast shows and commentating Formula 1 for Finnish MTV Sport when she has time from her own races and tests. Emma published her first book "Naisen autoiluopas" = A humoristic Woman's driving guide in March 2015, that sold out. As an entrepreneur, Emma is also arranging track days for safety driving and working as a safety driving instructor.

Emma is a lively person who loves people, is not taking the life too seriously and has a sarcastic sense of humor. She loves baking and cooking, fashion, ice hockey, martial arts and music. She is a proud mom of soon to be a 4-year-old daughter and interested in politics and marketing

Career highlights:

•       1992-2004 - May podiums in karting.

•       2005 - 2nd Finnish Formula Ford - 5th Formula Ford (NEZ Series).

•       2006 – Formula Ford - Ford Bowl -series: Champion (this series included all races of NEZ- and Finnish Championship series except the                                     overlapping races in Ahvenisto, Finland and Jyllands-ringen, Denmark). 
        Finnish Championship: 2nd NEZ (Northen European Zone) - series: 2nd (one point from the championship win) 
        During the season 2006 in Formula Ford series 14 heats were driven, of which Emma drove 4 victories, 3 second prizes, 3 third prizes, 2 pole                           positions and 3 fastest laps
inished 2nd Formula Palmer Audi Championship.

•       2007 3th Formula Radical (Sweden).

•       2008 – 10th Formula Master ADAC (Germany) with one podium and one fastest lap.

•       2009 – 5th Formula Palmer Audi (England) with four podiums,

•       2014 11th STCC with one podium.

•       2015  7th STCC with two podiums.

•       2016  11th STCC.