ESPORTS - Virtual vs Reality

NEWS: The Electric GT eSports Championship will commence shortly.
You will then be able to download the EPCS Tesla in order to participate. We will soon be announcing the first stages of the online competition.

Electric GT Holdings Inc in collaboration with The League of Videogame Professionals (LVP) and MediaPro brings you the Electric GT eSports championship: A duel that unites Virtual and Real racing. A duel open to everyone with a passion for speed, technology and the future.

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It's time to experience a new realm of racing, accelerating from your sofa to the circuit at 0-100 km/h in 2.1 seconds.

Electric GT eSports is the next generation of e-racing, bringing you closer than ever to real-racing action, at the wheel of the Electric Production Car Series race developed Tesla P100DL racing car.

The Electric Production Car Series is motorsport like never before. Sport for everyone to watch, enjoy, experience, and take part in.

We don't just bring to the circuit the best electric race cars ever, with our Electric GT eSports we bring them to you. You experience the cars and the races for yourself.


For details of how to become our eSports champion follow us on Twitter and Facebook over the coming months. Then you can compete, and if you have the skills you'll be joining us on the world stage, making motorsport history against our professional Electric Production Car Series racing drivers.

Join us in the light. Click on the video Demo to know more about eSports.

Electric GT esports - Pictures