DEVELOPMENT UPDATE: Mark Gemmell, CEO Electric GT Holdings Inc.


Ahead of the first season of the all-electric production car series, CEO Mark Gemmell gives us an update on the development of the championship and the key challenges ahead in establishing the world’s first all-electric production car race series.

“Accelerating development in both electric mobility and sustainable energy means ‘The Age of Light’ will fast be with us. The Age of Light is a vision that has driven us for over 3 years to build an Electric Production Car Series that excites and inspires, and it is now close to final launch. Almost everything is ready: we’ve developed three fantastic race categories, received FIA approval and welcomed new technical and broadcast partners.

“The final ingredient is confirming a great lead investor who shares our vision of clean energy and transport, which is fundamental to launching the championship at the highest level possible. The championship start date will be set once this lead investor has been confirmed.

“As any startup, we adapt and test our strategy to make sure the timing is right and the market ready. In creating an engaging and inclusive championship, we want to be open with our fans and supporters as we close in on this final step to bring the racing we all want to see.”

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