Our Vision: THE "age of light"


The Age of Light is the fast-approaching era of abundance, when all our energy needs will come directly from the sun, stored for us to use freely day and night.

This low-cost clean energy will allow us to improve life for many around the world, especially for those in developing nations where energy today is a luxury. This is indeed an Electric Global Transformation that brings clean city air, slowing global warming, and energy independence.

OUR Mission: To excite and inspire about our future

Electric GT is a new all-electric global sports event platform which celebrates this Global Transformation - the transformation to sustainable transport and clean energy. We organize events designed to inspire all generations, festivals of human ingenuity and creativity, of our desire and will to make things better, and our desire to enjoy life. 

Being the first all-electric circuit racing event in the world, each Electric GT race weekend will showcase emerging innovations and pioneering ideas in parallel to the wheel-to-wheel racing on some of the best race tracks around the world.

The main Electric Production Car Series (EPCS), featuring race-prepared versions of the fastest, most powerful electric cars on offer, will be supported by the Electric GT eKarting and eSports series, both providing new drivers a stepping stone to the best all-electric motorsport.

From the starting lights on the track to the pulsating lights at the after party, every element of each race weekend will be powered by sustainable energy.

Combining great motorsport and a Mediterranean party atmosphere with open worldwide streaming to any smartphone, Electric GT ushers in a new age of exciting and inclusive motorsport.

Join us as we enter The Age of Light.